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fandom_bb round-up [May. 6th, 2005|11:59 pm]

Our Thoughts Are Deeper than the Writing Staff's-- Meta:
Somebody SAAAAAVVVVEEE IT! -- The S5 Campaign:
svmadelyn is at it again, with one post that is looking for postcard messages and another with more details about the campaign.


Ageless -- Episode Reviews

Fandom News

Please leave any other of your own fandom notes for the next update in the comments, or any thoughts or suggestions on what you'd like to see for fandom_bb in the future.
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F_BB for 4/29/05 [Apr. 29th, 2005|11:48 pm]

[music |Shinedown - Burning Bright]

Our Thoughts Are Deeper than the Writing Staff's-- Meta:
tightropegirl aka Doris Egan, aka the woman who wrote 'Hourglass' and 'Hug' lays out her early thoughts on Smallville, Lana Lang, Clark and Lex from when she was on the staff.
digitalwave has a letter for Al and Miles.
lunarknightz lays out her s5 wishlist.
comeoncloser also add in her s5 wishlist.
chiri_chan (aka me) takes a stab at sorting out her unpopular sv fandom opinions.

Somebody SAAAAAVVVVEEE IT! -- The S5 Campaign:
svmadelyn has a plan. Check it out.

Even More Blank Discussion:
pyrae has listed out and is in the midst of episode labeling Clark's memories.
thamiris talks about the Clark relationships.

veaglarwen has a really nifty interview with Allison Mack up at AMO.
medie has started a new Chloe comm - chloe_stillness
danamulder talks about the latest TV guide watercooler.

* Reminder: fandom_bb doesn't work with fanfiction updates, pimps, or anything of that nature. In fact, we encourage those type of commentary to head over to sv_digest whose purpose is expressly for that. Please leave any other of your own fandom notes for the next update in the comments, or any thoughts or suggestions on what you'd like to see for fandom_bb in the future. Additionally, if your reviews/news/whatnot is friends locked, it will not be posted here.
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Update-- Yes, You Read That Right [Apr. 28th, 2005|10:24 pm]

[music |King Arthur OST - Hans Zimmer - All Of Them]

Our Thoughts Are Deeper than the Writing Staff's-- Meta:


"Blank" Episode Reaction:

Fandom Funny:


Please leave any of your own fandom notes for the next update in the comments, or any thoughts or suggestions on what you'd like to see for fandom_bb in the future.
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Announcement... [Apr. 24th, 2005|10:31 pm]

[music |Arrested Development - Top Banana]

fandom_bb management has rolled over in the past couple of weeks, and is now being run by tigress35 and myself (chiri_chan). We are taking a little while to figure things out, but we hope to have everything up and running for this week's new episode. Additionally, since we are in this transition period, if you have done something in the past few weeks and would like to have it included in the next post, please leave us a comment below. Thanks!
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FandomBB for August 21-22 [Aug. 22nd, 2004|09:57 pm]

A list of Extras for the S3 DVDs have been released--thanks to aelora for pointing the way!


aelora has posted a few Stargate: SG-1 clips from the episode with Smallville's latest Casting Spoiler. Needless to say, this entry contains spoilers.

happyminion does a bit of spoilery squeeing about the same Casting Spoiler that aelora posted clips of. Again, this entry contains spoilers.


Clexfest Wave 9 has now been posted; read and FB the authors!

Monday August 23rd is the deadline for:
The RedK!Clark ficathon organized by thecomingnight
Mlle Elizabeth's Summer Fun Challenge organized by mlleelizabeth
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Fandom BB for Aug. 15 [Aug. 15th, 2004|11:06 pm]

[mood |tiredtired]

FYI: Information That Might Be Of Interest

fleegull has new information about the delay of the Lex Luthor: Man of Steel comic.

The Smallville Swing Challenge ended this weekend, so make sure you read and feedback the authors who participated!

Cleveland.com features Smallville in their article entitled "Superman's journey in movies, TV"

Eye Candy

shannenb posted a Michael Rosenbaum pic in her LJ that had been posted on the MRMB, and Shannen is nice enough to share it with the rest of us because it's one we haven't seen before, at least some of us haven't! (I know I hadn't!)

shannenb also posted more MR mohawk pictures. Yes, these may be a repeat of ones previously posted on the Board, but bear with me cause I went through and couldn't find a reference to the entry. ;) So, they're getting posted again. Go and love her mightily for all the pretties.

oxoniensis has posted the screencaps for Phoenix! In the post is also a link to all of Signe's other beautiful screencaps, so please, make sure and thank her for her generosity when you download!
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Fandom BB: Weekend Roundup 8/7-8/04 [Aug. 8th, 2004|08:40 pm]

[mood |accomplished]


The WTF? Picture Challenge hosted by laceymcbain. Hehehe.

Pic Spam!:

Over in shannenb’s journal you will find two nice, high-res pics of Michael Rosenbaum at the T-Mobile Sidekick II Launch.

I have pics posted of Michael at the Dodgers All-Stars game yesterday here.

Manips of Tom Welling as Superman over at the unofficial site for Tom Welling as Superman! Be sure to check out the one that puts Tom and Christopher Reeve next to one another!

elychari has a couple of nice pics of Tom Welling up here.

tigress35 posted a nice scan of that spoilery pic from Entertainment Weekly.


K-site has some new major spoilers up for the second episode of season four!

Fannish Thoughts:

acampbell has a few thoughts regarding the latest spoilers here.

Some thoughts and reactions from mobiusklein on spoilers for season four.

< lj user="acampbell"> has some questions regarding Lex, Jonathan and Platitudes after watching ‘Insurgence’ again.

raelan shares spoiler thoughts on the fourth episode of the upcoming season.


According to K-Site, Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk are supposed to be appearing at the Teen Choice Awards, which will air on FOX on Wednesday, August 11th.
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Fandom_BB: August 6, 2004 [Aug. 6th, 2004|09:34 pm]

[mood |busy]


suzvoy shared nice, big screencaps of the deleted ‘Heat’ scene over at the michael_daily community here.


K-site has what they call a 95% spoiler-free interview with Greg Beeman, located here. The only spoilers involve a wardrobe change discussion.

Fannish Thinking:

tigress35 has a mad theory here with regards to the Beeman interview and Lana.

allpurposegirl shares her thoughts regarding the Beeman interview.

acampbell also shares some thoughts on the Beeman interview. **(Possible hints at upcoming season storylines included!)**

misswindy explains how she learned to love fandom_wank.

raelan shares TW pic spam! YUM!!!


Kryptonsite has new spoilers up for the fourth episode here.
A Birthday Coming!

John Glover will be celebrating his 60th birthday tomorrow, August 7th!

kelex has information on where to go to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Likewise, kryptonsite shares his idea on what you can give to John as a birthday gift!
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Weekend of July 30th-August 1st [Aug. 2nd, 2004|01:13 am]

Anomalous Vid Challenge
Find out more at anomalous_sv

Gone But Not Forgotten
The Whitney Ficathon still open for signups

Chloe/Lana ficathon open for signups

The Year of Clark and Lex
Clark/Lex fiacthon open for signups

E! Online article with SV Cast
(WARNING! Contains Spoilers!!)

sv_undercover ends! Go find out who wrote your favorite stories!

If you have any other items of interest to add, please feel free to email us at fandombb at yahoo.com
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Brief Moderator Post [Jul. 31st, 2004|12:08 am]

July 30th, 2004

Due to a lack of news, or a slow fandom day, fandom_bb will be taking the weekend off. We will return Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on fandom activity, and resume normal posting.


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